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Wired Animals from Africa

Our Family friend Lennard is from Cape Town South Africa.He lives here in the US. Every Winter he goes back hometo visit his family and friends. I think he goes back toget away from our cold winters. Africa has warm weather duringour winter time.


These are for Sunny. She loves

Pink Flamingos.

This year Lennard brought her home a Mommy for her baby.

Lennard is very kind and thoughtful.He always brings my sisters and I a wired, beaded animal handmade animal or something back with him. These are just a few that Mommy took pictures of.The people who make these are really great artist.

They have a lot of patience to do this hard work.

Their pieces are so Amazing!


My sister Salvi loves Giraffes. She has a million stuffed giraffes.

She loves her beaded ones that Lennard brings her. She displays them in her room, just like Sunny does.

These are some of the key chains they make in Africa.

They are so cool.

 These are a few of my beaded animals a mororcycle and I have a car also.

The colorful Rhino is My New one.


Thank you Lennard for always thinking of us when you are in Africa.

I will save these forever.

Hopefully I will get to visit you in Africa one day,

if my Dad says yes.




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  1. Very cool!! Lennard was nice enough to make me iguanas. Africa looks beautiful! Heard that you were not feeling so great. Sorry, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

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