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Why Halloween has become Frightening!

Last night I Trick or Treated in Philly with my cousins around my uncles house. We love to trick or treat in the city because they have tons of houses close to each other so you get lots of candy. The neighbors are so friendly, they all sit out on their front steps with the bowl of candy. They greet each & every child who comes for the candy. 

I also got lucky because my uncle let me use a real knife to carve a pumpkin. My mother never lets me do the actual cutting. I usually draw the face & she cuts. 

Not this time! It was all me!!


The scary part about Halloween this year is that some of the parents (dads) dressed up. I don’t mind that they dress up, it’s just that they looked like they were wearing the real SWAT uniforms & they carried realistic rifles with lasers & some machine gun looking ones. Some kids were very startled by the site of them, I was scared at first myself. Its sad when costumes today make you think the worst could happen because of all the bad things we see happening in our world today, you dont know if this is the real thing or not.


Kids today are always on high alert, I know I am. 


We didn’t let those costumes ruin our time, we had a fantastic time together with family & doing our traditional trick or treating.

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  1. Hi Son,

    I had an wonderful Halloween! It was nice seeing you and your cousins
    in costume having fun. Jazz looked good too!
    Happy Halloween!
    Love Dad

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