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Unveiling the Wraith


Tonight My parents suprised me and took me to Lambertis Restaurant.I didn’t know it was the New Car unveiling. This is the tractor trailer that carryed the new cars. 



 I wonder what is under that cover?? Could it be…..
This is the New Rolls Royce Wraith! OMG, It is beautiful and so shiny. i can’t wait to get in it. Me with My Hero Frank Kerbeck. This was F.C.Kerbecks event. They wanted to show the new Wraith. This was the Best night of my life! I met such nice people and some of them let me sit in their cars. I gave out my business cards, I hope they look at my blog. I had the Best night Ever!! I hope lots of people buy one from Frank. I would buy one if I could. Some day I will. Maybe it will be called the Phantom SKY, after Me! One guy even told me he ordered a white one. I Googled it when I got home. It looks beautiful. My Mom loved it. she likes white cars and so do I.

Steve who works at F.C.Kerbeck let me sit in the Blue Wraith.. Thank You Steve, you made my nite.this is the stary nite ceiling in the Wraith, it looks so sparkly.

  I am sitting in it now. You can’t see me to good.
  I almost cried Happy tears when Steve told me to get in. I have waited so long to see a Wraith in person, and it was my dream to be able to sit in one. The rugs are so soft and beautiful.   I have to say the suicide doors are my favorite thing on a Rolls Royce car.Some people didn’t know what they were called so I had to tell them. I felt so special sitting in this car, thank you again Steve, you are the Best!
Now I am sitting in the back seat of the 2 toned Wraith, you can easily fit even a few big adults in the back seat, it is so big with a lot of room. This one has the black stary nite ceiling. It looks like a dream.


  This is an SLS WoW!! There was a young guy driving it and he was soo nice when I introduced myself to him. He was from Virginia. He should be very proud to have such a nice exotic sports car. I never see these anywhere. Guess what?
 He let me sit in it! How lucky am I. I really had the best night ever. there were so many exotic cars, I saw an Aston Martin, a Maserati.
 This was a beautiful Ferrari, one of my favorites.
I am so lucky that I got to go tonight to see the best cars ever.

Thank you Frank Kerbeck & Steve, You always make me feel special.

See you guys soon. Goodnight.

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