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Transformers age of Extinction

I went to see the new Transformers Movie last night.

Optimus Prime looked Great!

He looked stronger than ever.

The Movie was action packed the entire time.

This movie was an exotic car lovers dream.


I did miss Sam Witwicky,

but Mark Wahlberg did a

good job in this new movie.

You gotta go see it..



New bad guy!

He was a 




Cadillac made a few appearances in the movie.  

Drift was a 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse 


This is Bumblebee..Looking good.








Pagani Huayra is Newest Vehicle to Join Transformers 4

This was a Hanger where they were holding all the exotic cars before they turned them into transformers.

There was a Rolls Royce Phantom,

Aston Martin Vanquish, A new Buick and an Audi R8.

Grimlock was Fantastic and he blew fire.

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    1. Gridlock was one of the Dinobots. He was back in prehistoric times.
      They came back to help the Autobots.

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