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My sisters babysit their school nurses dog Thor.

Today Mommy brought him to school to pick me up.

This is Thor waiting for me in the car. He looks like a driver, just like me.

Thor is the tiniest dog ever. He is not even 1 pound.I was was afraid I could break him if I squeeze him to hard.

He likes to snuggle.

This is Thor looking out the window at my friends playing in theschool yard. He wants to play but he only has an old man dog at home who won’t play with him. When he comes to our house he tries to play with our cats. They just look at him like he is crazy.
I LOVE Thor, he’s soo cute!

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  1. I think he wants to drive!lol
    He is so very cute…its a shame he’s so small.
    I know mommmy loves him, and wouldn’t mind doggy sitting for
    him once in a while.

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