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The start of Christmas Vacation

We had a visit from Thor. Katy was so Happy to see him again.Mommy loves Thor too.

Santa Claus driving a 3 Wheeler Motorcycle. You don’t see that everyday.Pretty cool, right.

Marky is home for the holidays. Playing basketball with me.

I’m helping Mommy make homemade Gnocchi’s. Well, not really. I am just ready to eat them.

Our Family Christmas get together. We had lots of fun.

It wasn’t the same without MomMom butWe have her in our thoughts and hearts forever. I miss you MomMom.


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  1. Keep playing basketball with Marky, it will make you better, plus it is always fun to play with your brother. Looks like you had a really great Christmas and hope you have a fun break from school.

    1. Yes, I had a great Christmas. I love to play basketball with Mark.
      We had a good wrestling match to. I am going to post it.

  2. Santa’s got my bike!!! lol

    Christmas was a lot of fun and I know Mommom
    was watching us from above, as always.

    I have to borrow that
    Gatsby movie, or better yet, we will watch it together.

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