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The Sentinel

I’m thinking this is a great day to post this amazing vehicle. I am off for a Snow day and this majestic armored truck can get around in any kind of weather..

Do you remember the Movie Fast 5?

Well this looks exactly like what The Rock drove.

It is a 2014 IAG Sentinel. It’s a International Armored Group Sentinel Tactical Response Vehicle made to be street legal.


Wow, is all I can say. You don’t get to see Monster Military vehicles like this very often.

Thanks to my friends at NaplesMotorSports for allowing me to video visit this Masterpiece!!

They had to bold the doors open so they didn’t close on me because they are heavier than me.

My mom couldn’t even move them and the Rock opened them and closed them like it was a Barbie car for him. He is crazy strong!!

Check out my video and like it for me. Enjoy!!



sentinel4 sentinel2


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