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The Eye in Hyde Park


You can see the London Eye in this picture.I did not want to go on it.

Westminster Abbey, a famous church in London.

We couldn’t go in because it was closed.

I found this Eye in this tree in Hyde Park. It was Not carved in.

It grew like that.

I have have seen eyes in trees before, I have one out front of my house and I saw one in Florida.

It seems where ever I go I see eyes in trees.

Hyde Park is one of eight Royal Parks in London.

I ran around the park before we went to visit our cousins.

Maybe the eye was watching me run around or watching over the park.

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  1. So the London eye is the ferris wheel? Big Ben looks cool, you see it in a lot of old Sherlock Holmes movies. All these pictures remind me of what it must have been like to live in London when knights were still around in their armor. I half expect to see you walking around with a sword! Looks like you saw some really great sites.

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