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Thanksgiving at my House

My Mom always cooks Thanksgiving at our house.  My brother & Sisters all came home from college for the week. It is great to have a full house again.











This is our family Thanksgiving.

















My cousins and I still have to sit at the kids table and all the grown ups sit at the really big table.











Then my other cousins came over for dessert.

I have big cousins and then there are the 5 of us little cousins. My mom and her sisters had all 5 of us in 2 years so we are all pretty close. There is 4 boys and one girl.

Niko is in 6th grade, GiGi & I am in 5th grade, Santino is in 4th grade & Chase is in 3rd grade.

We have a great time when we all get together. We were excited to have dessert, it’s our favorite part of the holiday!


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