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Thanksgiving 2016

I have to say that it is getting harder to have my older brother & sisters come home from college every year.
It is kind of a tease. They basically just drop their stuff off at our house & then go out with their friends.
Meanwhile, I am waiting to play with my brother.img_0043
It’s hard to know he is home but he is not really here.img_0319
My Mom & I did all the preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother let me do everything & I learned so much. We had a great dinner & some family drama which is always expected when everyone gets together.
Then we went for our traditional Cutting down our own Christmas tree. That is always a lot of fun.img_0321
Everyone is going back to school but they will be home again in a few weeks for Christmas break..

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  1. Wow you really learned how to prepare
    almost all the food.

    Yes it stinks that you didn’t get
    a chance to spend any quality
    time with your siblings, but
    they will be back soon for Christmas vacation,
    and then make it up to you:)

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