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  Welcome to I will be blogging about cars, places I go, things I like, and I will share them with all of you.

 The reason I started my blog was because I Love cars, especialy Very Expensive cars.The other reason was because I can’t fit in my special Mercedes car seat anymore, which was the kind that shuts the air bag off in the front seat incase you get into an accident, little kids could be killed by an air bag my Mom says. There is NO bac seat, so now I am not allowed to go for rides in it anymore. I can only sit in my Driveway and put the roof up and down. Not much fun. ): I am tring to convince my Dad to sell the Mercedes SL 65 Amg and buy or lease a Bentley Continental  GT Super Sport because they have a back seat that I can fit in. 

 That is where my search began. I started looking up all the luxury car dealerships online that I can find. My Mom and Dad take me to visit them on Saturdays. Sometime the dealerships are far away. My Dad says it also depends on my behavior if I can go or not. So I try my best to be very very good. But I am only 9 and sometimes I don’t  feel like doing my homework or my sentences, or my A,B,C order but I do them because I don’t want to miss out on going to find a Bentley. I have gone to many dealerships. Sometimes when I go out to dinner , My favorite waiter Lorenzo, tell his customers about me and some of them have luxury cars and sometimes he even knows the customers that have car dealerships. One time Lorenzo introduced me to a nice man named Mark Pellegrino who owns Pellegrino Chrysler.  Mr. Pellegrino told me he has Corvettes at his dealership and he also told me that he started loving cars just like me when he was a little kid a long time ago. Guess what? Mr. Pellegrino also gave me 3 tickets to the Philadelphia Auto Show for free. That was soo nice of him. I have met a lot of Very nice people in my search of new cars.

 My very favorite will probably always be Frank Kerbeck. He let my Mom drive his very own Rolls Royce Ghost while he & I sat in the back seat like old buddies. Then he surprised me and took me for a ride in his own Bentley Continental. That was the Best day of My life, I cried happy tears when I sat in his Rolls Royce for the first time and Frank said, Sky, press that button and do you know what that button was for? It was to close the suside doors on their own with the push of a button, Amazing!!

 Frank treated me like a Super Star and treated my Mom like a Princess, even though my Mom says she felt more like My driver. I like pretending she is my driver, I asked her if she would wear a driver hat and let me in and out of our cars. She said a few words that are not aproprate to post on here, but that’s ok. I didn’t want to push it, I have to keep my good behavior so I can go to New dealerships.  I have met so many nice people when I go to dealerships; most of them let me sit in the very expensive cars. They also give me posters and books about the cars. I love to read about cars. Well I better go so I can find a new place to visit see you soon…Sky

 Ps, I won’t forget my business cards anymore. I put them in my wallet. (:


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