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Summer is Over

 My twin sisters dressed up for color war at our camp.  My Summer tutor Alec and I doing work together, He was the Best Tutor I ever had. He went back to college in Miami Florida and he took his Blue BMW Convertible 6 series with him. Well, the car actually took a train to Florida. I miss you Alec..We need to take a field trip when you come home.
 Marky Packed for college and went back to Colorado. My sisters are next.  Mark sent us pictures of his New bedroom at his college house. He even has his Buffalo on his bed. Looks nice Mark. I told Mommy you know how to make your bed.
 Mark built his own desk, it looks so nice.  I love your New bike Mark, it looks like a racing bike. I hope you wear your helmet. If you are riding it home for Thanksgiving, you better leave now.
 My last time on the beach for the Summer.  I’m the sand man!
 Katy living the good life. She packed for the beach.  Sea you next Summer 🙂

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