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Summer 2014

Sorry I Haven’t been around for a while. My computer was down.

I’m back and I have been having a good Summer.


My cousins Niko and Santino came down the shore a few times.

We made a Movie trailer that I will post later.

We swim, we dig in the sand and we have a lot of fun together.

Yea, riding the waves..



Me Making a commercial for Connect with

I will post it when it goes live.


Snuggling with Henri. 


I went to Basket Ball Camp. It was really fun.

I won a few contest and saw a lot of my friends from Base Ball.











Playing in the sand.

My Dad goes crazy when I get all sandy..

This is for you Daddy.

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  1. You guys are all getting so big!! Glad that you are having a great summer and had so much fun at basketball camp. Sand washes off, so as long as you don’t go in the house that way then you should be ok. Enjoy the rest of your summer pal and keep doing the plank/ push-ups we practiced at the gym.

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