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Steven Hung

“My dad showed me this amazing article on this Hong Kong tycoon named Steven Hung.

He is having 30 custom Rolls Royce Phantoms made for his Louis XIII Casino Hotel he is building in Macau, due to open in 2016. I am hoping I will get an invitation from Steven Hung to be there for the Grand opening. Imagine seeing 30 Red Rolls Royce Phantoms, that is like a fantasy come true.

Rolls-Royce is also assisting in the design of the hotels driveway. They are calling these unique Rolls Royce Phantoms, “luxury land yachts”. Well I am planning to have a video visit in one of those luxury Land yachts. It turns out Mr. Hung actually drove a Rolls Royce to work when he was an intern at CityBank. Sounds just like me, Call me Steven, we can hang out, Sky-Style.

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