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Electric Kart racing, Great way to spend your sunday afternoon.

ooo look at me, this is my first race at speedway I came in last place


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  1. Sky, I really like your website!! I am So impressed that a third grader could do something so cool!! I am proud of you and will check in to read your blog again.

    1. I am sorry Tr. Susan that I didn’t get back to you. I have a lot on my plate right now. That was a realy sweet coment.

  2. sky!!
    keep up the practice. your times will get better.
    i came in 2nd last night in our “race speedway” racing league.
    i have some very fast teammates on my team and i get better with each race.
    we have t shirts……..we are the “sjab destroyers”.
    i can give you some tips to better your times!
    keep up the good work……..lee

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