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Snowy Sunday!

My Quad full of snow. I was pulling my cousin Remy with it.Our driveway is our Sledding hill. Our cars were stuck on the driveway.


Mommy brought out the pool floats, they are very fast for snow. 
We stayed out for hours, sledding and having a good time. Even Mommy loves to slide down the driveway. She didn’t love it when Remy tried to kick the float to push her, but instead she missed & kicked Mommy in the back! Ouchy! Sunny had lots of fun too! But her friend Kyle tripped on our step that he didn’t see and now he has to walk with crutches.  

This looks like a lake in our yard.

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  1. Great day for a snowball fight, too bad Markie went back to school. Looks like you all had a fun time, except for the kid who now has to use crutches!

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