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My first visit to F.C. Kerbeck, Best day ever!

First time i sat in a Rolls Royce


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  1. Salvi you did a great job on this site.
    Who is that goofy kid in all the pictures?
    Just kidding, I love all the pictures of the
    different cars.
    I noticed that you can only blow up certain pictures on this site.
    It would be nice to be able to blow up all the car pictures.
    Maybe you can make that happen.

    love your biggest fan Uncle Sal!!!

  2. Hi Sky,
    I think you are far ahead of your years and everyone else who is older is far behind YOU in most cases!
    Well done, well said — I hope you get your water jet pack soon! 🙂
    Danny Welsh

  3. Your website is absolutely incredible!!
    The time that yours sisters took to include all of your favorite car photos and the great content about the cars proves that
    you are truly , as we say in the car business, ” A REAL CAR GUY!”
    I really admire your passion for cars at such a young age.

    Mark Pellegrino

    1. Thahk you Mr.Pellegrino, that is an honor comeing
      from you. I hope you come back often to see my blog.
      I am going to let you know when I am coming to see you.

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