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Quiet house


Everyone is back to school including my brother & sisters. 

My brother is finished regular college and now he is in Law school & My sisters are Juniors in college this year. My brother isn’t living that far away like the past 4 years when he lived in Boulder Colorado, now he lives in Washington DC. Its only a 2 hour train ride away, I have already gone to his apartment a few times. He lives in a beautiful new building & I helped to decorate it with my Mom for him. quietcouch

You would think it would get easier having them all leave every year, but it doesn’t. If anything it is getting harder. I guess because I’m finally catching up to my brother & we are like best friends now.  When he is home he takes me golfing, plays basketball with me, lets me play soccer on the beach with his friends & we also go to eat & movies together. I never thought he would pay much attention to me as he got older because we are 10 years apart. But I was wrong, I kinda caught up to him a bit & now we can play together. He is pretty tough on me & treats me like I’m 20 when we play ball, he has no mercy. I don’t mind & I don’t think he realizes it. I just know that I miss having him around to hang out.

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  1. It never gets easier when they go away,.
    But hopefully you remember that,
    And even spend more quality time with
    Them when they are around.
    You have a good relationship with your
    Siblings, that’s super great, and something to be very thankful for:)

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