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Quebec City trip with Mommy

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

This is Grand Castle looking hotel we stayed at.

This is the most photographed hotel in the world.

My Mom took about a million pictures of it.

You can see it almost wherever you are in Quebec City.



 This is the entrance to go into Quebec City. There is a wall around the whole city.
This is a Quebec License plate for a car. Our Beautiful view of the St Lawrence River.
My first Crepe in Quebec, Yummmmyyyyy! Wow, a Rolls Royce Drop Head Coupe parked in frontof our hotel.There were not many exotic cars in Quebec City. I saw

one Lamborghini Gallardo a Dodge Viper and we kept seeing

a red McLaren driving around the city.

These are the Breakneck Steps. We made it down and didn’t break our necks.The story says that farmers used to walk their cattle down the steps and they would falland break their necks, That is how it got the name.


This is the little old town at the bottom of the steps.All cobble stone streets, just like in Philadelphia’s historic streets. 

Can you believe this is a wall mural. It looked so real. My Mom told me to stand in front of it.People thought I was part of it.

This is the Funicular that takes you back up to Quebec City.We took it, Not to scary. 

My first Carriage ride. The drivers name was Bob and the Horses name was Jackson.Bob told us all about the different buildings in Quebec City and some other history.He was so nice to us.

When Jackson got thirsty he knew where to stop and get a drink of water from this fountain.So cute. Bob said dogs drink from the bottom of the fountain.

How did a Canon Ball get into a tree? That is what I asked Bob. He said kids put it there years and years ago and the tree grew around it. Pretty cool.


Bob took this picture of Mommy and I. It was cold outside and we were snuggling under a blanket.

I tried to feed Jackson an apple, but I kept dropping it every time he licked my hand it tickled me

and i would drop it.

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