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Powder Puff Football Game

Yesterday I went to my Sisters PowderPuff Footballgame. It is flag football. Seniors which are 12th graders

play against Juniors which are 11th graders. My sisters are seniors and they

won the game because their friend Cianne scored 3 touchdowns.

She is fast runner, she does track.




I am freezing cold, but I am routing for my sister team to win.Go Girlies! 


Guess what people? Marky came home from college for Thanksgiving break. I am soo EXCITED to have him home. He played catch with with me at the game because I got a littlebored. Marky said I was a Good thrower & a Good Catcher, that made me feel good.

This is a picture of Marky & Sunny walking to the car. Sunny was sooo suprised to see Marky she jumped on his back!

It was a nice Family day because my entire family was all together and my Cousin Remy and Uncle Sal were there too.




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