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Pope Francis visits Philly

Last week was all about the Pope coming to visit Philadelphia. I don’t really know much about the Pope. My Mom is Catholic & my Dad is Jewish but my brother, sisters & I have always gone to Quaker Schools. That just means my Mom wants us to have good values like being good to others & helping people & being good people, treating all people the same. That is why it hurt so much when my old private school threw me out when I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. They should have been understanding and kind and treated me better.

Anyway, the Popes visit was a huge deal for our City. Every where you turned had the Pope advertised on it. Every magazine had the pope, no exotic cars this monthIMG_3030

The pope flags were in every front porch on my uncle’s street in South Philadelphia


This was a coffee cup my website director bought on her way to work


I had off school on Friday & Monday because they closed all the main roads & bridges because the Pope was staying not to far from my school.  I’m not complaining.  I hope everyone enjoyed his visit because I hear it’s a once in a lifetime.  I know my Mom wanted to visit but it was just too crowded.  My friend from school went with his family but i’m not sure if he saw him.


My friend from baseballs moms friend was in SWAT detail for the Pope so he got great pics of the Pope getting off his airplane when he arrived in Philadelphia.  I hope you enjoyed your visit Pope Francis. 🙂



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  1. Yes this was huge event!

    The Pope did a fantastic Job, and
    especially went out of his way to individually
    Bless some of the Sickly Children.

    He is Someone who I now have even Greater Respect for,
    especially after his speech, which was all about Family,
    and very Heart warming.

    1. Yes, I know this was a big deal that’s why I did a blog about it. We watched him
      On tv and Mommy & Daddy really liked what he had to say about families.

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