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Marky and I found a Christmas tree, and it might be good. But that was the ginormous one. Daddy said No! 

This is not exactly a car but it has wheels and I have a driver.I wanted him to go faster! Wasn’t happening…

 I wanted to get this cute little baby tree for my bedroom,but Mommy said No! Ok, finally, we found the right tree, our journey has ended.
 I pulled the tree on the tree wagon/car.I wasn’t that heavy.

 This is our tree. It looked a lot bigger in the woods.In our house it was the smallest tree ever! It is really cute. No chance of

rubbing against the ceiling like last years tree.

Marky is on his way back to college in Colorado..see you in 19 days Marky.

Hang in there brother.

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  1. Looks like you had fun, especially being pulled around by Marky. Tree looks great, not too tall and very plump. Have a wonderful holiday pal.

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