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New Year

Can you find Thor?

He looks like a little stuffed animal on my sisters bed.


Katy was scared from the fireworks on New


       Eve so she jumped in my bed.


 Milan bought us these RoboBlocks, they are so amazing.  I made lots of light up robots with them. I  am testing a sensor on my robot to see if it lights up in the dark. Yes! It worked!!
 It snowed one night, this is me Night sledding…  I am shoveling my front path.
 Squirrley is eating a French Fry. AWWW… My Dad & Marky went to the Eagles Game the other night.Marky sent me this picture.

 We had cake last night for My Uncle Sals Birthday, Happy Birthday Uncle Sal! 😉

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  1. We have to play with those blocks together, and between you and me, we will come
    up with something really cool.

    Next time it snows I will have to pick you up so you can do my shoveling. LoL

    Hope your first day back at school went well:)

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