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New Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Debuts 1,500HP Chiron Hypercar

Bugatti President Wolfgang Durheimer wanted to make this Supercar Better!

How does a company make a car like the Veyron even better? Well, it needs to be faster, better looking, more efficient, more luxurious, and modern. Bugatti stuck true to its turbocharging roots in the development of The Chiron.

Bugatti once again built one of the fastest cars on the planet.
Chiron is a full three seconds quicker than the Veyron.

Did you think Bugatti was going to make a cheap hypercar?
The Chiron definitely isn’t cheap, exceeding even the Veyron with a
($2.6 million) price tag!

I can’t wait to video visit one of these beauties!


Bugatti Chiron side Bugatti Chiron

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