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I just spent my day off at FCKerbeck in Palmyra NJ.

Stay tuned for more new videos coming.

I have been visiting their supercars since I was 8 yrs old. They let me have run of their fantastic showroom.


Frank Kerbeck was my first car dealer I ever met. I was on a mission the first time my parents took me to see his cars. I had been studying their website as I still do. Btw, it has come a long way. They have a very user friendly & up to date website, that I am constantly on checking their luxury car inventory.

Frank treated me with the utmost respect & took me under his wing & made my love for exotic and luxury cars the best visit ever.


Every time I go back & sit in his cars I cry happy tears because it is so surreal to sit in these majestic beauties. You never get used to it!  I feel so honored and special to have this opportunity.

Thank you again everyone at FCKerbeckyou are a fantastic team & I will never stop visiting.

One day, I’ll be taking the test drives!


Your biggest fan,


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  1. I love that car, I don’t know if i like
    the inside or outside better.

    You are one lucky kid to get to not
    only see these cars, but sit in them.

    It won’t be long before you are really Driving one.

    Can’t wait to see Mom’s face when that happens. lol

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