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My Weekend

Wow! This is a Mercedes SLS. You don’t see these everyday.

Did you know the doors on this car flip up.

This is me playing baseball on the Beach. 

I am really good!


Isn’t this a cute picture, They were looking for treasures!


My Mom says I look handsome in this picture.

I agree! 🙂

Mommy and Uncle Sal took this picture at night. It is a Ferrari California. Mommy said it looked beautiful. This is an article about police cars in Dubai.

I am going to do a blog about all of them soon. They just added an Aston Martin One-77. Can you believe they have these amazing police cars.

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  1. You would actually want to get stopped in Dubai just to see the Exotic cars.
    Sky would try to get pulled over every time he saw a nice police car. He would be on a first name basis with the Police!
    He would actually try to become a Police officer!

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