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My Visit to Dimmitt Autos



I went to visit Dimmitt  Automotive Group in Florida this past weekend. I got to see a lot of cool cars.

They had Beautiful McLaren’s in all sorts of colors. They let me sit in them. I met Todd VanHerwynen who is my friends salesman.

Todd gave me the Royal treatment. He let me sit in all the cars in the showroom and outside. He even let me sit in the yellow

McLaren on the spinny thing. I also saw and sat in their Blue Aston Martin Vanquish. They gave me an Aston Martin baseball hat

and Aston Martin books, also other exotic car books. I got to sit in their Rolls Royce Drop head coupe and other Rolls Royces. 

Thank you so much Dimmitt Automotive, you guys are the best. Todd, I wanted to thank you for letting me go in all

your cars and having a great day with you. I can’t wait to come back and go to¬†

Cars and Coffee at The Dupont Registry !

Looking forward to seeing you soon. SKY

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  1. I can’t even pick a favorite car, they are all so nice.
    you are one lucky kid, to get to go see all those beautiful cars.
    You better give mommy and daddy extra hugs for taking you.
    See you soon:)

  2. Hey Sky, It was a pleasure to have met you and your family! Thank you for coming in for a visit. We look forward to your next and make sure you schedule it for the third Saturday of the month. The DuPont Cars and Coffee meet is real fun and you can cruise over in some cars with us!!

  3. hello sky,
    I love the pictures and the beautiful writeup, you’re very nice young man.
    I’m glad you came to visit and I hope you come back soon I’ll take you fishing.
    Enjoy your long weekend and get ready for school.
    Hugs and kisses from Abe and Lyta

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