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My personal Best



My baseball game on Saturday I played terrible, I struck out 3 times, couldn’t get on base for anything. I played outfield but no hits came to me.. We lost the game as none of us played great… We made a lot of errors and couldn’t make any runs.

Last night we did great and won the game, but I personally struck out all 3 times up to bat and didn’t make any major plays..But I didn’t make any errors either..

You won’t believe my game tonight…. You can’t believe how things change so drastically from one game to the next.

I pitched 3 innings, one inning they got a run off me because I messed up & forgot where the play was.

The next inning they got a hit but no runs & the next inning I pitched a No hitter, struck everyone out!!

But the biggest thing about tonight’s game was that I hit not one but 2 Home Runs OVer the Fences!!!

That is the most amazing feeling you can ever feel!! I can’t explain it.. You really feel like a SuperStar!! Your entire team gets up & runs out & greets you at Home Plate!! I am on Top of the World!! I am so proud of myself!!

Scouts look out!! Lol


This is why I try to never really get to down on myself because sometimes you win & sometimes you loose but it’s all about having Fun & I keep trying my best!!



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  1. Two home runs!!! You did have a killer game! Keep your positive attitude Sky and remember this game when you are not playing as well. Most important thing is to have fun and it sounds like you are.

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