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My Holiday

Getting ready for Bed, its the the night before Thanksgiving.

Hump Day!

Katy looks like a school girl, she just got her hair cut.


Helping Mommy cook. This is me cleaning artichokes.


I am putting together a crane model that my Dad got me.

It is a construction model made out of real metal and lots of screws.



Did You know that Hanukkah fell on Thanksgiving this year.It won’t happen again for about 7,000 years.

We celebrate Hanukkah, I lit the Menorah.


My sisters, my cousins and my uncle are taking pictures.



¬†Family picture. 


My Mom and I also took lots of pictures together.


Sunny and I are the first ones at the dinner table.Food, Food, Food!


I can’t wait for dessert! Yummmy.

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  1. Hi Son,

    We all had a very nice Thanksgiving. It was wonderful that our family was together
    so we could give thanks for how fortunate we are for many things.

    Love Dad

  2. You did a great job cleaning those artichokes, I was wondering why they were so
    good. That was a great Thanksgiving we spent together, I will have to show you
    how to magnitize your tools to make it easier for you to put together your model.

  3. One of the first to arrive at the dinner table and hanging around the deserts…sounds like you. Hope you had a great time and put up a picture of the crane when it’s done.

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