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My first blog

Hi peoples, as you can see my proper nowns arint good because I am 9 years old and new at this. I promis things will get better with my typing I am sure.

I would like to introduce you to my dog Niles, you will be seeing him alot. I would like to also introduce you to my blog creater, my sister Salvi.

It was beautiful outside so I thought I would take a little hike up my tree. Then I thought I would come back inside because I wanted to play with my dog  as you know niles and play xbox.


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  1. I am very impressed with both the pictures and your blogging. I will continue to check in and see what is going on with you, Niles, Salvi, and who and whatever you are blogging about. How did you get down from that tree?


    Uncle Rob

  2. hi Sky!
    your blog is pretty cool! how did you set it up? i think it would be pretty cool too learn about how to make a blog! how you’re having fun on vacation!

    the Luna Girls,
    (Lydia, Madeline, Sam)

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