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My Dad is Umpire??

That’s right, our umpire didn’t show up for our baseball game the other night. So MY DAD volunteered to be Umpire!

He did a great job, well, except when he called me out on 3rd Base!!

Wow, that hurts Dad!

This pics are great, first I am up to bat while Daddy is umpire, then I am Catcher while my Dad is umpire.IMG_5389IMG_5400

I will never forget this game!

I think my Dad found his New Calling, he was soo Happy being Umpire.

You go DaD!!

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  1. I thought that umpires wear shin guards to avoid potential injury. Those balls come pretty fast and sometimes get past the catcher! Lucky that this didn’t happen here. Ump is also wearing some very trendy shoes.

  2. That is so great of your father to do that.

    He looks as if he was having as much fun as you.

    What a great experience for you, and you got to Bat and play catcher

    while he was Umping.

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