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Miller Motorcars is Fantastic

 Finally! I got to go visit Miller Motorcars!! I have been following their website for 2 long years. It was worth the wait. They had every car I have been wanting to see. We started our visit with the Aston Martin Vantage.
Mommies favorite, the Bentley Continental GTC Convertable.This was The prefect one for mommy! They had the Rolls Royce Wraith right out front of Bentley & Rolls Royce.It was a 2 toned Wraith, Black and Silver, sharp.
The McLaren House!WoW…Mr. Thomas Roach was kind enough to let me sit in any MrLaren I wanted. He also gave me a great book on McLarens. He was a very nice man, he talked to my Dad about cars and how McLarens are selling  very well in the USA, and especially well at Miller Motorcars.

I recommend every exotic car lover to go here, it is like a dream come true.


I look Great in this MrLaren! The McLaren Spider! I almost fit.
This McLaren is calling my name!
These Butterfly doors never get old.  They impress me every time.


Now I am in the Ferrari, Maserati area.I fit perfectly in the back seat of this

Maserati Grandsport.

Ferrari 458 Spider, Just my style.

I met Mr.Shima Fukano while looking at this Ferrari. He was a very kind gentleman and he loves cars.

He was glad to meet me, he told me Miller Motorcars is a Family run business. That was really nice to hear.

Mr. Fukano mentioned to me that Miller Motorcars just started a Racing Team, I would want to race with them..

He gave me a Special Miller Motorcars Racing sticker. He also quizzed me on which came first, the Ferrari or the Maserati?

I said, the Maserati, I was correct! Mr. Fukano also gave me a lesson on the Maserati logo, The Trident, and the blue color at the bottom is supposed to be the trident rising out of the water.

He tells interesting stories. 

Thank you for sharing those stories with me and making me feel special.

Thank you very ,very much for letting me sit

in your beautiful cars.

I am a lucky young man.



Look what Mommy found, and Aston Martin Rapide S.  She Loves this one. Especially in white. I went down the basement and I was in Ferrari Heaven!!Miller Motorcars carried the most exotic cars in stock that I have ever seen.

I am a very privileged young car lover. 

Thank you Miller Motorcars, you guys are incredible!

Thank you Daddy for driving in that snow blizzard just to get to our Major Mission!


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