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Memorial Day Weekend 2014

My Dad and I are putting together the New….

Razor PowerRider 360


This is so different then my ride on cars.This is like an electric Big Wheelit makes really fast turns and spins.

I Love it!

 Thank you Mommy & Daddy.

This was the first time I ever played Monopoly.I did not buy any properties. I like to save my Money

and I saved a lot.

My sisters and cousins bought houses but had no money so they

had to borrow from me.

Next time I will buy properties and charge them, when they land on me.

We really had a great time playing the game.

I can’t wait to play again.

Playing with my Cars.
Katy Loves to chew on bones. Remy and I playing baseball on the beach.. 

Good times…

I made a ton of Lego people.I am ready to make the next

Lego Movie.


I bought Mommy a

Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron

for Mothers Day this year.

Now we eat Mickey waffles all the time.

Friends and cousins sleeping on the sofa.

Mommy doesn’t like when they

fall asleep on the furniture,

But they can’t help it because it’s




I taught Daddy how to make a cup of tea for Mommy.We even used her favorite Cinderella mug.Mommy was so Happy.Daddy even took notes.


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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday! Next time buy some properties, you will make more money in the end. Good luck in your baseball playoffs pal.

  2. It was a fun weekend!

    You really played well at Monopoly, for the your first time.

    I think we are all going pack on the pounds if we keep eating those Mickey Mouse: Waffles, Pancakes, and Ice cream with the powdered sugar. LOl

    I hope you guys do ok in the playoffs, but its been a fun season no matter what!

    1. I really had fun playing baseball this year, I can’t wait to get better.
      Thanks for coming to my games 🙂

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