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Meet Loki

Everyone knows Thor. He has a younger brother Loki.That is Loki next to Katy.Loki thinks Katy is a huge Godzilla dog! Katy with Thor and baby Loki.They look like a family.
We got to dog sit Thor and Loki on Saturday before Easter. 

Loki is the tiniest dog I ever saw.

You have to sit on the floor with him because he likes to jump

and you don’t want him to get hurt.

So you just sit on the floor & play with them.

They are soooo cute.

Thor looks big next to Loki.


Loki is chubby..

He gets sleepy very easily..awww..
Easter morning.This is my impression of a Chicken.I know I have bunny ears on, give me a breakI’m dyslexic.

Our Cool Easter Bunny.She looks like Snoop Dogg!
We are missing one more kid, Marky.We took this picture & texted it to him. 

He said he wished he was there. Me too.

Did you notice I am almost as tall as girlies?

Pretty soon we will all be the same size,

I am catching up.

La Familia – Family in Italian.
Homemade Pasta, Yuuummmyyyyy

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  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful Easter and yes, you are getting taller by the day. Hope you are enjoying your new school.

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