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Marky for President!

Well it’s official, my brother is working in Washington DC this Summer. He sent us pics of the White House and other building yesterday. He is having an adventure. Yesterday he made a friend with a kid who is working at the Department of Homeland Security! Tomorrow a Governor is giving him a private tour of The Capital. I’m proud of you Marky, I’m moving in the White House with you! I want to take a ride in “The Beast”, for those who don’t know what that is, it’s the most spectacular car to protect the President.

Good luck Marky!!

IMG_0431 IMG_0434 IMG_0436

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  1. Washington DC is a great city to visit and a really exciting place to work. Congratulations Mark on your summer internship, I am sure you will love the area. Hopefully, your job will be be fun while you gain experience in your area of interest. Have a great summer pal, miss you.

  2. He’s got my vote!
    You big brother fits right in dressed like that.
    He will really enjoy all the new sites, and new things he is
    Learning on the job.

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