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Malcolm Wells

I had to do a project for school about Something in around our town. I choose Malcolm Wells. He was an Architect. He built underground buildings because he wanted everything to be about nature. This is me standing next to my project
It is s I am underground in front of Mr. Wells office.
 It is so cool down here.
Behind me is the roof of the office.All covered with Grass.

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  1. Skunk, you did a wonderful job on this project. It was creative and
    informative. Maybe you can show me the house one day.

    Love Dad

  2. I hope the teacher gives you an A on this project.

    you deserve it, for all the work you put into it.

    Good job Sky!

  3. Does this guy know that you are running all around his property!!! Seriously, way to go on your project. Next time you are in the store you can tell me more.

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