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London Adventure

Wow, First time I ever saw a Virgin Train.I didn’t even know Virgin had Trains, I saw their Virgin airplanes at the airport.

Unfortunately I did not get to ride on either yet.

Maybe once Sir Richard Branson and I become buddies he can take me in his planes and trains.

You know we both have Dyslexia.

Our bus to Harry Potter Studio. It was double decker and I sat onthe top floor. We are at Warner Bros Studios.

I will be acting there some time soon.

The front doors at Hogwarts! They were huge!!
This is where they really filmed Harry Potter for 10 years. They were all like a family.

That was nice to work to work on movies for 10 years.

At least they got to be home in London.

This is the Dining Hall, My Moms Favorite Place.

It was amazing.

The triple decker bus. Diagon Alley!
The live Chess Set!


This is the real Dobby…awwww

The real news papers from the movies..

Oh NO, Not the earwax Jelly beans.Mommy made me test all of them. The worst one is Vomit flavor because 

it makes you want to vomit! Second worst was Rotten Eggs, just thinking about it

makes me gag.

This is the model of Hogwarts..It was fantastic.

These were great artist, you had to be so special to make all these things.

I had a wonderful day at warner Bros Studios..

I’ll be back to make my movies!

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  1. I love the Harry Potter movies! Must have seen each one 7 times. The studio tour looks like a great time. The reproduction of Hogwarts has amazing detail and there is no way I would have tried the vomit jelly bean! You are either a very brave or crazy person. I also never knew that they had triple decker buses! Looks like you had a great trip.

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