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Last Playoff Game

Go Red Sox!!

We had a great year.

Even though we lost the finals.

We had the best coaches in the world.

My teamates all became friends with me.




This is us watching the other game before ours.
I finally got on base!!!My Dad couldn’t come to this game

so I told him I would get a hit for him.

I hit the first ball that was pitched to me.

I got a single.

Then the next time up to bat I got a Double!

I had the best baseball season ever!!



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  1. I heard that you got two hits in the same game!! Way to go pal, I knew that you would have a great time playing baseball. Getting on base and running the bases is the best! Sorry that your team did not win in the playoffs but next year you guys will have another chance. I also heard that you were going to baseball camp this summer. Please let me know all about what you did when it is over. Make sure to practice with Markie before he leaves for school. Glad you had so much fun.

    1. Thank you, I will tell you everything. I am also going to go to basketball camp.
      I am on Summer vacation now. I will see you when I come to work with daddy.

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