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Lamborghini Museum Italy

Check out these fantastic Lamborghini’s from my visit to the museum in Italy.  We were NOT allowed to bring cameras or anything into the Factory. They are doing secret stuff in there. I won’t tell any of their secrets.

I can tell you it was the most cleanest factory you could ever see. And all the workers looked sooo happy like they had the best job in the world!

IMG_1059 IMG_1061 IMG_1063 IMG_1073 IMG_1077


IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1090


IMG_1092 IMG_1094

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  1. The cars and factory were amazing.
    I am thrilled we could go together to see it.

    We will never forgot everything we saw.
    For your followers:

    Lamborghini makes 19 cars every single day.

    They produce 5 Aventadors and 14 Hurricans. The assembly line moves the cars from one
    station to another to have various work done. The engines take 12 hours to build so there are two
    shifts each day needed to build them. Every car is presold and shipped or picked up by the dealer that
    ordered it. They are building a third assembly line to produce an SUV in about two years.

    Love Dad

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