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Johnson’s Farm

My parents took me on a hayride to pick pumpkins & apples at Johnsons Farm in Medford NJ.

The guy drives you to the pumpkin patch & u pick out your Own pumpkins.


I picked out a medium size pumpkin. I had to break it off the vine, I never did that before it’s not easy.



The pumpkins are heavy so my dad had to carry it back to the hayride. Then they drove us to the apple trees. I never picked apples off a tree before. It’s nice to pick your own food. There were lots of apples on the ground, I guess the animals eat those. I picked some red apples & some golden.



I had to check out the apples really good to make sure there were no worms in them.


I like the red apples best.


My dog Katy likes apples so we gave her some when we got home. She was very happy.

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  1. I never picked a pumpkin from the vine, very cool!! That pumpkin carry looks like a great exercise, we may have to get some for the gym. Looks like you had a great time and I hope you had a terrific Halloween Sky.

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