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We just got our new puppy. She is an 11 week old Yorkshire Terrier. I named her Jaz when I was playing with her the first day, the name just came to me.

Two years ago my Yorkie Niles died from being sick & old age, he was 13.

After all that time We just became ready to get a new doggie. I never had a puppy because Niles was my older brother & sisters puppy, I only remember him when he was older.

Having a puppy is very hard because you have to be very gentle with them, u can’t pick them up all the time, you have to watch them because they want to eat anything off the floor & bite on dangerous things like wires. They have a lot of energy & can play & run around for a long time but then they want to sleep. My puppy likes to give kisses & she is the most loving dog I have ever met. She is so happy to be with us. She is filled with so much love & wants to share it, especially with my Old GranDMa dog Katy!

This is going to be a 2 part blog about Jaz.

Katy told me she needs her own blog post because she has a lot to say about this new addition to our family! So stay tuned!IMG_4420





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  1. Very, very cute!! Congratulations on getting Jazz. She will make Katy feel younger with all her energy….maybe.

  2. She is a very affectionate dog,
    and so full of energy.
    I am sure you both will wear each other out. lol
    Good luck with her.

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