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Jaz update


I wanted to show everyone how big Jaz has gotten. She was 6 months old on February 15th. She is 6 pounds now & sooo big & long. Even her hair got a lot longer so now my Mom can put bows in her hair to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Plus my Mom likes to dress her up like a Princess dog.


Jaz is more in love with Katy than ever!

Katy is a very patient old grandma dog. My mom says no other old dog would put up with what Jaz does to her. I know Katy loves her & likes being loved.

We went down the shore last weekend & took Jaz for the first time. She was very comfy in the backseat of the car with Katy & I.  Jaz even looked like she was telling secrets to Katy in the car!

IMG_6843 IMG_6854 IMG_6868

Jaz was lost in the new house.

We had to put gates everywhere because she was a danger to herself.

She has to learn the house.


It was freezing down the shore but that didn’t stop Jaz from wanting to run on the beach. She loved it! She didn’t care that the wind was actually lifting her up.

She kept wanting to go back. We didn’t make it to the water because we were frozen before we got there.

When we came home Jaz got to meet my cousins dog Kenya. She is a South African Boer Boel. She is a Gentle Giant!

She is about 7 years old which is old for her breed but she acts like a giant puppy. She was crying for Jaz & wanted to kiss her & play with her. At first Jaz was scared to death of Kenya but after about 20 minutes they got used to each other & were fine together.

IMG_6972 IMG_6979

Now Jaz is able to hop up on our sofas to get to Katy where ever she sleeps so Katy can’t get away from her anymore.

Jaz is happy about that because she wants to snuggle with Katy all the time.

They are happy together.



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  1. She really has grow,
    and is more affectionate then
    ever. I actually think
    Katie has grown to like
    the attention she gives her. lol

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