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Jaz is One


It seems like yesterday that Jaz came to live with us.jaz3 

She fit right in with our & it feels like she has been here forever.  

Jaz is the sweetest most loving dog ever. She fell in love with my older dog Katy the second they met! She think Katy is her Mother. Well, kind of a cold mother. jaz4 

But Jaz loves her anyway. Surprisingly Jaz Loves Cats, especially Henri.. & Henri loves Jaz, well, at least behind Memes back he loves her. They play all day long. Jaz Likes to give him kisses & bite his feet & he likes to hold her face in his paws & bite her even though he has no teeth. They are the best of friends!   jaz2

Jaz goes almost everywhere with us. She takes car rides, She likes to travel, go shopping & especially take lots of walks.. jaz6

We are all so happy to have her in our family! 

We love u Jaz!


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  1. You are so lucky to have her.
    Just wish she was a little taller,
    so that when I bend over, I
    could reach her to pet her. Lol
    She is a wonderful and loving Dog.

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