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Jaz – By Katy Dog

First a little about me:

My name is Katy, I am approximately 12 1/2 years young. I am a private dog, I like to keep to myself, I’m not an affectionate dog, I don’t go around “licking” “kissing” everyone I meet like some dogs I know.  I’m not going to behave puppyish & mention any names. I don’t “play” with puppies, or any dogs for that matter. I am a Mature/Adult woman & I like to be treated with respect & dignity.


My husband passed a few years ago. Yes,  it was an arranged marriage but we got along well. He was smaller than me, he liked that I was a larger size woman & not very affectionate. He & I would spend quiet afternoons sleeping at the top of the stairs waiting for our humans to return home from work. We enjoyed scouting around our back yard together & going for walks.  Yes, he was more playful than I, but I found it cute & amusing as he didn’t expect me to join in his games. He loved me for who I was. He was the protector & people lover. Yes, he had some bad qualities like going through all the trash cans & eating who knows what, yes, he had bladder issues but what old dog doesn’t. We had a wonderful relationship, we never fought (growled) at each other over Food as he was a gentleman & let me eat first. He never ever Laid in my bed as he had his own comfy bed. Yes, we gladly shared a water bowl & toys. We knew our boundaries & never crossed the line. He got me & I got him. We understood each other. After he passed it took me some time to stop Looking for him, I still sit at the top of the staircase, but I do it alone. I also tolerate 2 cats that try to monopolize my dads & human brothers attention. Honestly, I don’t love the girl cat (Meme) but who would, with that bright thick white fur coat & baby blue eyes! Henry is another story,he & I have an understanding. He can rub up against me most of the time, but under no circumstances is he to jump on my back when I’m sleeping. I’m an old woman & that just scares the poo out of me!

I Could have a stroke!!


First of all, no one asked me how I felt about getting a roommate.

One random day, Mommy walked in with this little ball of fur in her handbag. She introduced me to her.

I’m going to be as kind as possible, but these are my honest thoughts on Jaz.

What kind of a name is that anyway?

One word to describe her, Annoying! Well, she truly is… You will see in my videos I have attached. She is always up In my face like that annoying uncomfortable friend that wants to talk way to close to you. Like my Mom says, “if you can smell their breath then they are to close”. Well, let’s just say, I can smell that fresh puppy breath more than I wish to! What is it with her & the constant wanting to lick me? She doesn’t take a growl for an answer! I try my best to hold back from giving her a little nibble, but I only have so much patients. My nerves are beginning to wear out! She has no boundaries, she is wild & crazy & runs around like a squirrel got in the house. Worst of all, She thinks We are BDF’s (Best Dog Friends) we are Not!

I am her elder. She has No respect as she steals my food bowl & throws it on my rear end why would I want to eat out of a bowl that was on my butt? I don’t find it funny but I can hear her puppy giggles when she is trying to snuggle up to me & give me 100 puppy kisses. She is constantly in my Personal space!

She is learning to chew her own bone & not get near mine, since I showed her my teeth & I was NOT smiling. She loves going in the car for a ride especially to work just as I do.

No, she doesn’t work on my floor!

I am on the Top Private Floor with my Dad. She is with Mommy & the people, which is good for her as she is very social & needs to get out all her kisses & energy before she gets home. Less harassment for me. I am trying to be a good leader but this one is a wild child. Now she is biting everything. I’m trying my best not to bite her & share with her. I let her on my bed & I’m starting to let her snuggle up to me. I’ll send updates from time to time but for the record, I’m not very happy about this new family member.

Yours Truly,

Katy Dog





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  1. Hi Katy Dog
    Jaz is a sweet good girl. Please try and be nice to her. I know she is young and
    always is in your face but she just wants to play.

  2. Jaz will eventually calm down,

    and katy will be happy.

    Katy will actually start

    looking forward to the attention, I hope. lol

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