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It’s Official, I’m Metal Mouth

I had my braces put on today. It wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. Last week they put these spacers between my back teeth, a few fell out on there own. You wear the spacers so it is easier to get your braces on.

First Stern Ortho put the metal around the back of your teeth which feel like a lot of pressure. Then they put the glue to hold the braces in place & it taste like a sour lemon. Yuk!

Then they stick on all the front top & bottom braces on your teeth. Then they they hook on the wires like a suspension wire on the to & bottom. It only about 1 hour & 15 minutes to do all this work. I feel like my teeth are swelling up and tight. It’s a strange feeling. They gave me this whole kit to take care of cleaning my braces & teeth. Now I have to learn a different way to floss & brush & put the soft wax if any of the metal Hurts my mouth & right now I feel like I’m chewing on metal..



Then there is the list of things I cannot eat:

No chewing gum,

No gummy anything,

No biting apples,

No chewing ice…&

The list goes on.


I guess I will learn many other things that affect my new life with braces.


Im actually happy about getting braces, I look pretty good in them if I say so myself!

Kinda like a New Metal Mouth Super Hero!

Or like a fancy metal Grill of a New Car!

I have A Roller grill mouth!


I wonder if I can stick Magnets to them??

I guess I will check that out.


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  1. You look like that super villain from the old Bond movie named “Jaws”!! Just kidding, you look great pal. Be extra careful when you play sports and you will get used to them sooner than you think.

  2. Wow they put them on quick.

    before you know it,You will get use to them.

    In another month, they will
    feel regular to you.

    Wathch out for the magnets! lol

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