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Inspiring Article

This is a great article. 

Most people don’t know that many people have fears, even guys like these have fears because they are only people.

I can really relate to them because I have fears, fears of not being able to do things in school that most kids can do, because of my learning difference.

My dyslexia makes me never know when I am not going to know something.

I have a fear that a teacher or coach or someone will point out something I don’t know and I will be embarassed by that. It is a horrible feeling.

Even though i have these fears about the things i am not great at, I have lots of things I am good at.

They are called my strengths, like being a good luxury exotic car blogger, making amazing video visits for my you tube channel and being good at sports and being a good friend and a good person.

I try to focus on what I can do and not the things i can’t do.

which makes me a better person and a really hard worker.

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