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I’m Finally 11

Well, I had a few get togethers for my birthday this past weekend.

I am finally 11 years old!


I went out to a nice dinner with my cousins & Aunt on one of the nights and the other night I was supposed to go visit my sisters at their college & go out to dinner & celebrate but we had a bad ice storm so we had to cancel and just went to eat with my uncle & cousin.

IMG_4025 IMG_4045

I had a great birthday. I got Beats headphones that I really wanted and a remote control car from my acting school friends & lots of other great presents from my family.


Thank you family & friends for giving me such a wonderful special birthday!


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  1. Happy birthday pal!!! I can’t beleive how big your are getting. Saw your pictures at the baseball evaluations but it would not let me leave you any comments. You looked good in black, kinda like a baseball ninja! Hope you had a good time and are placed on a team where you can play and meet some new friends. Does that cake have cookies up on top? Sweet!

  2. I did’t even see mommy sneak that picture.

    I’m glad you had a nice Birthday, Remember all that Ice!!!

    Even though the weathe was bad, we still managed to have fun that day.

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