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I miss Marky


   My brother is coming home from college soon. I missed him so much.     This is a picture of us going to our first college football game.Marky plays Water polo at college.
This is the Buffes staduam,they let a real buffalo run acros the field before they play a game.Her name is Ralfi.         This is my brother and I. Mark is 19. We look good together. I miss him soo much.
     This is me in front of my brothers dorm room. He gets to see those mountians every day.      This is my brother and I having a catch on his Field.
   This is what it is like going out with teen agers text text text.  This is where Marky skies! Scarrey.

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  1. I miss Marky too! Seems like he really goes to a great college. Hope you guys have fun together when he gets home.

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