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I made it to Middle School!!

Who woulda thought I would make it this far. My old Private School certainly didn’t

when they kicked me out and tried to make me a 4th grade drop out.

Thanks for that Haddonfield you know who.

Oh, while we’re at it, can I give a shout out to Tr Bette, u know why!

Back to Middle school, thankfully I don’t have to learn locker combinations or should I say be stuck

fighting to get my locker open everyday. My school now has New Locker Scanner Cards.

It really doesn’t get more techie than this.

You just scan you card in front of the lock and Voila, your locker makes some noise and it opens.

You know how school tells you to read 20, 30 minutes a night, well in only took until 2015 to

let Comic books, Internet articles and magazines count as reading material.

Not just Novels or chapter books, one of my very favorites, NOT!

Finally, Dupont Registry Magazine articles count and Motor Trend, Car and Driver and one of my

favorite, Robb Report.


I have to add that I am also a huge internet researcher, some of my favorite sites that I am constantly reading from are, Yahoo News, so I can keep up with what is going on in the world, Not having to actually hold the Black and white newspapers,Like back in the George Washington days


Like My Dad reads, he makes me drag them in from the driveway everyday, even when they are soaking

wet and soggy & falling apart…

His famous line…”Wheres My Barrons? Financial Investment News – Stock Investing News – Investment News – Barrons.comΒ ,Β Its missing!!”

My dad actually reads like 20 newspapers a day. He’s not saving any trees thats for sure.

Anyway, back to my internet interests. My favorites of the month are, Ebay, FCKerbeck, and

I am glad these sites will count as reading because I spend hours researching and reading all about things on these sites that I really enjoy.

Thanks Woodlynde for getting with the times.


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  1. Yes, they all finally count as reading material!!
    Chapter books aren’t for everyone πŸ™‚
    Oh, and don’t forget all the Business & financial Newsletters that Daddy
    reads. At least they would count now as well.

  2. That’s Great, Niko would love to read his comic books for his required school reading, you are lucky! I’m so happy you have so many choices πŸ™‚

  3. I am glad they changed your reading material to something that interest you.

    That makes it a lot easier, and much more fun for you to do; plus gives you knowledge.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Dear Sky,
    I am a fifth grade teacher at Scioto Darby Elementary in Hilliard, Ohio. I would like to use your blog as a mentor blog for my students. Would that be ok with you? I use mentor blogs to give my students some good examples for their own blogs. I also think you would be a good mentor because I noticed in your earlier posts that you are dyslexic. I have 29 students in my room and 17 of them have IEPs for reading. Several of them have been identified as being dyslexic. I think you’d be a good role model for them. If you have questions, your parents can email me.

    On a final note…I am so glad that your teachers recognize that all those different kinds of reading count! My students read a variety of texts, both print and digital: books, magazines, blogs, online articles, etc. You need to like what you read! πŸ™‚

    1. Wow. I’m so glad you found me. I would be honored to be your 5th grade Mentor Blog.
      Mom my knows about everyone I’m in contact with as I dictate to her & she usually types for me.
      This is because Im still not great at spelling and it helps me to be able to get my thoughts out an onto my blog
      Before I forget what I was going to write about.
      I feel like more kids have IEP’s than ever because Society has changed but the way kids are taught at school
      Hasn’t changed at all. I am actually working on a project to come up with schools for our future.
      Probable all your kids with IEP’s are the progressive learners & can’t take the boring old way of learning. They need more
      Interaction, stimulation, technology and teachers who will actually interact with the kids to keep them interested and motivated.
      I bet most most of the kids have ADHD as well. I have it, the inattentive type. That is not a bad thing, it just means we creative teachers to work
      Harder to make the learning more interesting for today’s kids. I can help you to be the best teacher. I know exactly how your kids need to learn.

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