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I Love St. Petes Beach

I Love St Petes Beach!

The water on the Gulf of Mexico was 87 degrees.

It is clear lite blue paradise.

I stayed at

The Guy Harvey Outpost.



The hotel has so much to do for kids.They have this simulated

surf board ride.

I stunk at it…lol

My Mom got a good laugh.

Lots of kids are really good at it.

They also have an activities director out by the pool.

I usually don’t participate in things like that  but this

time was different.

There were so many kids of

all ages.

We all participated,

from 5 years old to 14 years old, we were racing each other in the pool.

We were also having the Belly Flop contest!

I won a freestyle race and got a coin to get a free snow cone!!

I had so much fun I am going back to stay again in 2 weeks.

I can’t wait.

This time I am going to go to the Big water slide at

the Tradewinds hotel next door, they own both 

hotels and they let you use everything they have for fun.

They even have Water Jet Packs for rent over the water.

I am going to try that when I get Bigger .






I needed to relax,

remember I’m on vacation.





 The Sundowns are spectacular!
   We went to breakfast at The Rum Fish Grill..


They have this life size fish tank that you can pay to swim in with the fish.

I didn’t go swimming in the tank but I saw three teenagers swimming in it.

Very cool. and kinda scary.

There was a Nurse Shark in there and

a Sting Ray also.





Mommy and I taking a selfi..


 Hanging out with our friends..


   This was us in the Hurricane simulator at the,Clear Water Marine Aquarium.




 Everyone knows Winter the Dolphin.

This is Winter below, you can tell by her curved tail.

Dolphin Tale 2 

is coming out soon, I can’t wait to go see it.

 Sundown on the beach with Ivy.She is amazing at doing cart wheels and flips back to back…

She is helping me do my first hand

Thanks Ivy.

 Sweet Car..

This is an

Aston Martin Vanquish,

its my friends car.

Maybe next visit I will have time to go for a ride.


Thank you Abe, Lyta and Family for being such good hosts to

My Mom and I.

Abe you are the best

barbecuer ever!!

See you all soon!! 

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  1. Im so glad you guys had so much fun, and you caught nice weather.

    You really did a lot of things out there.

    I hope maybe when you go back, you will give that xxx large swimtank a try.

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